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   Friday 29 May 2015: Pittsburgh PA: Sitting here in the auditorium at the University of Pittsburgh, attending the f295 2015 Symposium.
  Niniane gave an impressive talk about the work she and we are doing in Lake County.
  The project continues to evolve.
  This page, however, is devoted to the production of the physical book, particularly its case.
   I love books. Being a kid who, according to those who knew me at the time, was never quite right in the head, they were the most important among my exquisitely small number of friends. 
   Later in life, I became equally enamored with books as physical, tactile objects, perhaps as a result of a neighbor’s very rare and valuable Beardsley illustrated copy of Le Mort d’Arthur, which I poured over whenever Anna would release it from its very secure custom slipcase.
   Additionally, once I started studying photography, it occurred to me that the book format was the most desirable venue for such creative projects. Studying creative writing only reinforced my commitment to the medium — which landed me in the typography shop at Arizona State University, studying book arts with John Risseeuw at Pyracantha Press.
   Thus came about my commitment to the book format as the ideal vehicle for not only writing, but also the hybrid of text and photography. Additionally, it provides an ideal excuse for me to indulge the enjoyment I experience working with metal and machines.
   Anyway Little Did I Know was imagined, from the first day, as a book, one that has evolved to include Niniane's work as well. Therefore, the final pages will depart substantially from what was produced for the prototype, with Niniane's contribution being at least as significant and important as my own.
   The book itself will be unusually large, in the elephant folio tradition, but a book, nonetheless.
   From the beginning, I planned to build the case myself, finally deciding on 6061-T aluminum as the principal material.
   The case will be 35" x 24" x 4" to accommodate the 30" x 22" pages printed on 300gsm Moab Entrada Rag Natural, which will also carry original prints tipped in by hand.
   Fabrication of the case was done, most of it anyway, by me, down at my friend Dick’s shop, R.H. Jones Fabrication, in Lakeport. As an extremely well known, yet retired fabricator (he built chassis for my father’s race cars http://www.history
), his otherwise now unused shop is a tremendously equipped, wonderful and crazy dreamscape for an old-time racing engine builder like myself. I spent many, many nights which turned into mornings designing and fashioning the necessary parts.
   While the case isn’t yet quite finished, all that's left to do is anodize (black, instead of the originally planned blue) the components, put everything together, and then build a shipping case in which to store and transport the beast.
   Included here are some photographs, mostly made by Niniane, from various points along the project.



Base, channeled and drilled




Corners radiused, cut, drilled, and tapped

All text and images © Scott Palmer

Walls In

Walls lined and fastened


Preparing surfaces for anodizing


Ready to anodize


Lid ready to be engraved


Preparing rails for anodizing


Ready to anodize