Book Release, Signing — Finally

Friday-Sunday — 6, 7, & 8 August 2010


If you missed the 1955 Six Gallery Reading. If you weren’t at Monterey Pop, Woodstock, Altamont, or Dealey Plaza. If you’re too young to have seen Herman’s Hermits at the Cow Palace, or Clyde Palmer’s unprecedented, third, 1962 Johnny Key Memorial Race victory there’s at least one more chance to witness and be part of unique cultural history:


At Kevin Brown’s, World Famous
Live Worms Gallery
1345 Grant Avenue, between Vallejo and Green


THIS JUST IN!: Saturday 7 August Applejack Walroth and Ron "Hacksaw" Hacker will appear, together, beginning at 2 p.m., 14:00 hours, for a collaboration of unprecedented musical importance. These two great musicians and performers have agreed to put something together in order to help us all celebrate a community event — the release of "Saloonatics", a book in which they both appear, more than once.


Forget the book, forget the photographs, forget the live human sacrifice, come to see these two guys perform together at Kevin Brown's, World Famous, Live Worms Gallery.







In the tradition — A North Beach Bacchanalia,
book release and signing party, photographic exhibition, live human sacrifice, and musical (live music — Saturday) extravaganza celebrating the publication of an epic work twenty years in the making:
Hours: Friday, 4-9; Saturday (The big-ass party) Noon-9; Sunday, 1-6 (all times: “or until we run out or wine")


                                           Early reviews are in:

“This is, perhaps, the finest and most important creative work ever produced by man or woman-kind. Absolutely stunning, profound, and life-changing. Without question, his finest work to date.” — Scott’s Mom, Lakeport Gazette

"Trés, trés bien! Fantastique! Étonnant!" — Eugène Atget, Montparnasse/Paris Gazette

“It’s like drinking triple till you’re seeing double!” — Johnny Nitro, North Beach Gazette

“If I were still alive, I’d buy a copy — or maybe two.” — Edward Sheriff Curtis, Seattle Gazette




Event hosted by


ForePaw Press — Philadelphia